Why I journal.

I try to be good about journaling daily (though I do admit it comes and goes in waves.). I tend to not have open ended journal entries. Instead, I use journaling as a tool that focuses me on the most important themes for my on own personal growth. The format is pretty simple: I select 5-8 questions that I ask myself daily. These questions should be able to be completed within 5-10 minutes. The questions are specifically aimed at areas I am weak, or need to be stronger, and as such, they tend to evolve over time. I have found it to be a pretty useful mechanism for daily reflection and accountability and believe I can attribute at least a percentage of my own personal growth to the practice.

What I currently ask myself

  1. What is the most impactful thing you did yesterday?
  2. Where did you stumble yesterday?
  3. What are you grateful for?
  4. What was your best parenting moment yesterday?
  5. What's the deepest question you aren't focusing on? Why?
  6. What's your top thing to get done today?

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